Firefighters and emergency management Recas-Zagubica


The project „FIREFIGHTERS AND EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT RECAS – ZAGUBICA” deals with environmental issues that cross-border partners Rekas and Zagubica commonly face.

Project aims to improve conditions for emergency situation response in cross-border communities, strengthen local stakeholders and contribute to more efficient action in fire protection cases, which will altogether significantly contribute to decrease of the damages caused by fires. Activities implemented through this project will identify current situation related to potential risks, define emergency situation response and action strategy, and enhance information and knowledge of citizens in the area of environment protection.

By implementing the project „FIREFIGHTERS AND EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT RECAS – ZAGUBICA”, potential emergency situation risks will be decreased, local self-governments in cross-border communities of Recas and Zagubica will define more efficient manners of acting, and through procurement of the equipment and organization of accredited training courses, more efficient protection of the citizens and their property will be enabled.