Study with assesment of the terraine and eco-system from the aspect of influence to breaking and spreading of the fires, and analysis of the characteristics of the area in the function of prevention and adequate fire protection with proposal of measures for local community and population -Recas-Zagubica ,


Is a well-documented study that will clearly identify all the risks in the project area;

  • a mapping of the environmental protected areas;
  • a strategy to act in case of natural disaster;
  • procedures used in case of natural disaster and after the intervention for area clearing and cleaning.
  • public information about the area, the risk they face, and the environment risks;
  • raise awareness regarding the environmental problems and what can be done to improve the situation or actions needed to be taken in order to stop the negative impact of pollution;
  • public information about what can or cannot be done and what should be done to avoid a disaster;
  • public preparedness in case a natural disaster occurs, what should be done by each individual;
  • a strategy for the community to follow in case of natural disaster;




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