City Hall of Recaş, together with its project partner, Town Hall of Žagubica, Serbia, announces that on 23.05.2019, at 14.00, in the meeting room of City Hall of Recaş, will be held the press conference organized on the occasion of the implementation European project “Firefighters and Emergency Situations Management Recaş-Zagubica”.

The total value of the project was 1,414,018 euros, of which 994,243.00 euros for the town of Recaş, and 419,775 euros for the town of Žagubica. The implementation period was 24 months.            The project was funded through the Interreg-IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program Romania-Serbia.          

               Through the project, two high-capacity fire trucks were built for the City of Recaş, a multifunctional equipment equipped with snow plow, earth bucket, high-pressure water tank and articulated boom used for trimming vegetation along the roadside and ditches, a current generator, compressor, rectifier, two water pumps and a population alarm siren. At the same time, forks, shovels, hoses, environmental monitoring devices, protective equipment for volunteer firefighters, locker rooms were purchased.


The city of Žagubica was endowed with this project with a high-capacity fire extinguisher and a low-capacity off-road vehicle, a ground-reconnaissance car, protective equipment for newly established volunteer firefighters, two water pumps, furniture for headquarters volunteer firefighters.


A Joint Study on the assessment of the terrain and the ecosystem in terms of the impact of the outbreak and the spread of fires has also been developed and an analysis of the area characteristics according to the adequate prevention and protection against fires and other natural disasters with proposals for measures for the community local in Žagubica and Recaş, edited in Romanian, Serbian and English languages, for which video conferences and joint thematic groups were organized.


Various activities aimed at increasing the level of preparedness for emergency situations, both for volunteer firefighters and for the population of both partner cities, were organized within the project. A number of four joint training of volunteer firefighters in Žagubica and Recaş were organized, the purpose of these actions being the continuous training of firefighters, both physically and strategically, and also to strengthen cross-border relations between firefighters.


Mayor of Recas City Hall

Ing. Pavel Teodor





Photo Pixabay