” Firefighters and emergency management Recas-Zagubica”                 

On 23.05.2019, at h 14.00 was held at Recas City Hall , were was organized the press conference for the ocassion of closure of the project were participated 32 persons .               

On the event was present the ISU Timis county 2 representatives, project team with the project partner  from Zagubica , mayor , vicemayor of Recas city, volunteer firefighters,  televisions and press.               

With  this occasion were presented the achievements of the project life, organizing interviews with ISU representatives Timis, with the project partners, with the volunteer firefighters and with the mayor of Recas. The interviews were given for the television and the press, in order to ensure the transparency of this beautiful project.              

After the presentation of the acquisitions, the meeting continued in the Meeting Room of Recas City, where each partner spoked about the acquisitions, activities of the project but also about the Joint Study.              

The two ISU representatives Timis county  emphasized the importance of these acquisitions in the context in which there is less money invested in equipping the Voluntary Services for Emergency Situations from Romania, and because the press and the television were present, they encouraged the all mayors to have the courage to access funds to provide these services.                             

This project benefited from the contribution of all the employees of Recas City Hall, all the volunteer firefighters, and the management. It was a complex project, with many activities, with many acquisitions, with many Romanian-Serbian meetings.              

Of course the partnership will continue, of course other projects will be made together, but the most important thing is that all of us will remain friends for life.