Within the framework of the project “Fire Fighting and Emergency Management Recak – Žagubica” RORS 40 The final conference was held in Žagubica , attended by representatives of the Ministry of European Integration, public institutions, local self-government, representatives of the cross-border municipality of Rekas from Romania, representatives of the Emergency Staff situations, representatives of local communities from Bor, Krusevac and Jagodina, media representatives and representatives of the fire brigade from Žagubica  and the volunteer fire company from Krepoljin and Recaș .

Through the project “Firefighters and Emergency Management of Rekaš Žagubica”, results have been achieved that improve and improve the conditions for emergency response in cross-border municipalities and contribute to more effective action in the event of fire protection, which is expected to significantly contribute to the reduction of damage caused by fires. Through the project, activities were identified that identified problems in the field of emergencies and potential risks, defined a strategy for response and action in the field of emergencies, improved and improved knowledge of citizens about the importance of environmental protection. The project provided a fire truck and a vehicle for cleaning and maintenance of roads in the winter months and firefighting equipment for the purpose of more efficient and faster action in case of fire. During the realization of the project a voluntary fire company was established in Krepoljin.

During the final conference, Predrag Ivkovic, Deputy Mayor of Žagubica addressed the present journalists and representatives of local communities, thanking all stakeholders for the implementation of the project activities and emphasized the importance of the project for cross-border partners, as well as the importance of the partnership between the two cross-border municipalities, which began at the end of 2015. harmonizing ideas for the project and the needs of local communities in order to make local governments more efficient in Romania and Serbia, and continued with the preparation and implementation of the project.

The results of the project of the lead partner, the municipality of Rekas from Romania, were presented by Rozalia Boldizar, project manager who expressed her gratitude to the municipality of Žagubica for the support in the implementation of the project and the importance of the project itself for the municipality of Rekas.

-In the course of the project implementation so far, with minor deviations and justified delays, all planned activities in Rekash were successfully carried out. Mechanization worth about 800,000 euros was purchased, ie 2 fire extinguishers, multifunctional machine, water pumps, power unit, electric siren, field monitoring device compressor and firefighter protective equipment. In addition, as noted by Boldizar, activities were carried out to improve and improve the knowledge of citizens and students about the importance of environmental protection, and a joint study on the action of municipalities in case of emergencies was conducted.

Milena Pajic, Project Manager, highlighted the results of the project in the municipality of Žagubica , which related to improving the awareness of citizens, students and employees in public institutions about the importance of environmental protection and emergency response, procurement of equipment and fire trucks, safety equipment and erection of information boards.

The importance of the project and the expected results were discussed by Radiša Simonović, Chief of the Municipal Emergency Management Staff and Head of the Žagubica Fire Department.

The final conference was attended by Vasilija Stanic, Assistant to Support the National Body for the Implementation of the Cross-border Cooperation Program Romania Serbia at the Ministry of European Integration of the Republic of Serbia.

Otherwise, the project “Firefighters and Emergency Management Recak – Žagubica ” was implemented within the framework of the EU-funded Serbia-Romania Cross-border Cooperation Program under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II). The project implementation started in June 2017. and lasted until the end of May 2019. The total budget of the project is EUR 1,414,018, of which the European Union finances EUR 1,201,915.30, and the municipalities of Recak and Žagubica  co-finance the project with EUR 212,102.70.