We would like to inform you that until this moment of the implementation of the project “Fire and Emergency Management” of the INTERREG-IPA Cross-border Cooperation Program Romania-Serbia, the partner from Recas, Romania ,the following products were purchased:

– Fire-fighting equipment -14 pcs.
– Compressor-1 pcs.
– Rectifire-1 pc.
– Current generator – 1pc.
– Large-capacity pump-1 pc.
– Small capacity motor pump – 1 pc.
– Chainshaw -1pc.
– 4-door cabinets – 4 pcs.
– ISU Utensils: 14-piece hooks, 14-piece hooks, type C sleeves -30 pieces.
– Alarm siren – 1 pc.
– Medium monitoring devices – 7 pcs.

Continuing implementation, the Romanian partner will purchased two new fire firefighting vehicles and a new multifunctional